Radamiz and Chicken by Alex Lee

right now i feel like we just need to admit what needs to get done to progress and DO IT. for so long i've done so much talking, and not enough action. like in the prophet by kahlil gabran when the prophet speaks of talking, that's how i've been feeling. i don't know what these columns will end up being about but i hope they help. we're all just spirits inhabiting these bodies pretending like death is a real thing. but there's an urge inside that guides us, and my true has been picking up on all the advice and directions. sometimes i feel like a world traveler jailed in one city. other times i know that its because my voice + intentions have a never expiring passport. buy a shirt, buy a song, it doesn't matter as much as the intention behind it. i'm rambling and i don't care either. thank you nick reyes for helping me put this site together. learning to be grateful on the days that i feel amazing and praying on the days i feel the most blessed. still working on this new album too, i want it to be an excellent Hip Hop album but at the same time not confined by whats been done before. i listen to sade and frank ocean and gil scott heron and that helps me rap as much as listening to mos def, hov and outkast. i hope all of you continue to live the best life. like in dead poets society, what will your chapter be? let's make this thing a grand thing.